Mental Health Workshops


CAPS will be offering scheduled programs on various topics this semester. Please see options below. You can attend by following the designated link posted. If you have any questions, please contact CAPS at 765-494-6995 and ask to speak with Crystal Cordes, Ph.D., the assistant director for outreach and consultation. Please also consider Purdue’s Wellness Programs that also provides presentations about well-being topics relevant to students.

Scheduled Workshops

The following scheduled workshops are for all Purdue students and you do not have to be a CAPS client to attend.

Anxiety Toolbox Workshop

This three-week workshop series is designed to help students both understand their stress/anxiety and to learn the coping skills to manage it.

RSVP for these sessions via link: Anxiety Toolbox Registration

Inner Calm Workshop

This three-week workshop is focused on helping individuals develop skills to better manage difficult emotions and tolerate distress.

RSVP for these sessions via link: Inner Calm Registration

Art of Self-Care

A weekly workshop where students will learn to engage in self-care through art, music, painting, coloring and other creative activities.

RSVP for these sessions via link: Art of Self-Care Registration

For more information & help visit: Purdue CAPS