Each of these are great opportunities to learn and apply concepts learned in classes/labs.  It is also an important tool to use to build your network. 

Office of Professional Practice (OPP) offers students experiential learning by giving opportunities to interview with companies who have established a relationship with Purdue to offer students 3 or 5 session work rotations.  This gives students the opportunity to learn from school and practical application through the work rotations  Students need to apply through OPP and meet with Rosemary, Maddi, and Prof. Johnson in MSE for additional details.  Students must maintain good standing at Purdue. 

Co-op can also be defined as an extended Internship—this allows companies to hire students for longer than a summer.  If you receive an offer for a Co-op and have questions, you can ask Rosemary, Maddi or Prof. Johnson. 

Internship is traditionally done over the summer with many companies