Apple Materials Engineering Internship Opportunities

To the Mat. Sci and Chem. E Department at Purdue,

I wanted to reach out to you regarding an exciting opportunity at Apple for a high performing chemistry, chem eng, applied physics or materials science student.

The materials science group within the Product Design Engineering team is looking for interns available between Sep 2024 – Aug 2025. 

The Apple internship program gives students tremendous hands on experience developing materials design and laboratory skills which directly impact Apple’s line of products.  All of Apple’s products start with the Materials team working closely with the product designers to develop and specify the best material for each application, whether it is a new high strength alloy, a new recycled polymer material, or the strongest glass available on the market.  We hope there are talented, hard working undergrads or graduate students that would be interested in spending up to one year with us in Cupertino in this role. 

While we can employ students for the summer of 2025 under this program, we strongly prefer candidates who are available for more than one semester during the fiscal year (e.g. spring + summer).  Due to the steep initial learning curve, we’ve observed the most effective and impactful internship experiences have occurred for students who have been able to intern for longer durations. 

We ask that you please circulate this application amongst your students, and also appreciate any personal recommendations from Professors.  Students can apply at per the instructions provided.