New CE Course 3-D printing

CE has a new 3-D printing course,  Pre-reqs are a materials course such as MSE 230 and a Mech or Materials course (ME32300 or NUCL27300). Feel free to share with your students.

(Spring 2024) CE 497: 3D Printing for Infrastructure Applications

Course credit hours: 3 | M-W 4:30-5:45pm (HAMP 2101 and labs)

Instructors and specializations: Prof. Pablo D. Zavattieri ( – Solid mechanics applied to the multi-scale analysis and design of advanced architectured materials. Prof. Jan Olek ( – Properties and performance of cementitious materials. Prof. Jeffrey P. Youngblood ( – Polymer surface modification and design of biocompatible polymeric materials. Dr. Ala Eddin Douba, Postdoctoral Fellow ( – Cement rheology and additive manufacturing construction.Yu Wang, PhD student ( – 3D printing of cementitious materials.

Course Description: This course offers undergraduates an exploration of 3D printing for infrastructure applications. With a strong focus on polymers, metals, cement, mortar and concrete materials, we will discuss topics such as design, rheology, robotics, architected and bioinspired materials, etc. Students delve deep into this dynamic field and are exposed to the latest innovations. The course blends lectures and laboratories, involving hands-on 3D printing activities, experiments, data analysis and interactive discussions with guest speakers from industry, national and government labs, and other universities. This course equips students to be at the forefront of innovative infrastructure development, bridging the gap between engineering challenges and cutting-edge solutions.